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Looking for the best gadgets that work with Google Fit? You’re in the right place. Here is the definitive list of all the watches, smart scales, and gizmos compatible with Google’s free health app.

Google Fit was launched nearly a decade ago, in 2014, and has seen many updates since then; no wonder it’s so popular among people who need an inexpensive yet surprisingly comprehensive smartphone app that logs all their health metrics.

On this list, we collected the best fitness trackers, best smartwatches, best-running watches and best multisport watches, at least the ones compatible with Google Fit. All Wear smartwatches are compatible with Google Fit, and many apps can also be connected with it; check the settings of the apps for more info.

Notable exceptions are Garmin watches that all use the Garmin Connect app that can’t be synced with Google Fit. Polar watches can feed data into Google Fit via the Polar Flow app. Currently, Fitbits aren’t compatible with Google Fit, although we expect this to change soon.

The best gadgets that work with Google Fit right now

Withings ScanWatch on white backgroundT3 Best Buy badge

(Image credit: Withings)

Tracks ECG and heart rate in style

Reasons to buy


Premium design


Long battery life


ECG and AFib detection on the wrist

Reasons to avoid

No built-in GPS (Only connected)

Sleep tracking is not too precise

Only basic sports tracking

In our Withings Scanwatch review, we noted that for those who prefer a smartwatch with a more timeless design wrapped around their wrist, the Withings ScanWatch might be the perfect choice. Even if they haven’t got any heart issues and they’re sleeping fine.

The ECG and sleep disturbance sensors on the Withings ScanWatch are accurate enough to receive the CE marking in the EU, so one can hope they are exact. Better still, the ECG readings can be exported as a PDF and sent over to doctors if needed.

The ScanWatch can rate your sleep through the Health Mate app and give you a Sleep Score, just like how the new Fitbit Sense can provide you with a Stress Score. Both devices gamify health and hopefully make complicated health metrics more digestible to everyday users.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Samsung )

Fitness tracking on the cheap

Reasons to buy




Straightforward to use


Good quality for the very low price

Reasons to avoid


Questionable accuracy

In our Samsung Galaxy Fit2 review, we concluded that it’s a neat fitness band that offers basic yet effective health tracking abilities wrapped up in a compact and sleek design. It also boasts some welcome improvements over its predecessor, such as a sharper, more vibrant display.

However, due to its relatively limited capabilities, for instance, the lack of GPS, anyone who’s remotely serious about keeping fit will probably find the Fit2 a little inadequate. Still, that’s not who this device is aimed at.

Users looking for a simple and easy-to-use tracker that they can slap on their wrists and measure their general activity levels throughout the day, all without breaking the bank, should be more than happy with the Galaxy Fit2.

Before you purchase, be sure to check our Samsung discount codes to lower the cost. 

LG Watch Sport on grey backgroundT3 Approved badge

3. LG Watch Sport

Android Wear at its best

Reasons to buy


Can work without a phone


Includes a heart rate monitor

Over on Google’s side of the fence, the LG Watch Sport is perhaps the best of the current bunch of Android Wear smartwatches. As you would expect, Android Wear syncs seamlessly with Google Fit, so all of your steps and other vital statistics get logged.

As well as that you get some nice (if chunky) design touches, the usual broad selection of watch faces, and tight integration with the apps on your Android phone. The watch can pair with an iPhone, but it won’t work with Apple Health, and there’s no Google Fit for iOS.

Polar A370 on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

4. Polar A370

Packed with features

Reasons to buy


All-day heart rate tracking


Advanced sleep monitoring

Polar makes a number of very good fitness trackers and they all work with Google Fit and Apple Health. The Polar A370 is one of the best of the bunch, offering all-day heart rate tracking, advanced sleep monitoring and the ability to automatically identify activities.

There’s no on-board GPS here, so you need your phone with you to do any kind of location tracking, but thanks to the integrated display you can get basic smartphone alerts on your wrist. The tracker is water resistant too, and comes in a choice of six different colours.

Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

5. Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

Be sure about your heart rate

Reasons to buy


Advanced fitness tracking


Works with any smartphone

Reasons to avoid

Wahoo’s own app is not the most user friendly for beginners

A lot of wearables and smartwatches will attempt you track your heart rate for you through your skin, but for really accurate readings, the pros use a chest strap. The Wahoo Tickr X is one of the top buys around at the moment, and works with Google Fit and Apple Health.

The device captures the motion and the intensity of your movements as well, feeding back for more details than a simple wrist-based tracker could ever hope to. Thanks to its internal memory and on-board Bluetooth, all the syncing can be done after your exercise.

Withings Body Cardio on white backgroundT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Withings)

6. Withings Body Cardio

Smart weighing done right

Reasons to buy


Measure BMI and heart rate


Slim and stylish design

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive

If all of the rest of your gadgets are becoming smart, you might as well add some extra intelligence to your bathroom scales as well, in the shape of the Withings Body Cardio Scale. The device works with both Google Fit as well as Withings own app Health Mate.

As well as measuring your weight over time, of course, the Withings Body Cardio Scale can also calculate your BMI and even track your heart rate, so you can get an advanced set of readings transmitted to your smartphone and your installed apps via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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